Orbital Shaking Incubator

LABCO INDIA Branded Orbital Shaking Incubator with the following Specifications:


 Model: 1556B/5



Parameters Range
1 Make & Model LABCO INDIA 1556B/5
2 Inner Chamber Size (mm) 600 x 600 x 600 (224ltr)
3 Control and Display Microprocessor based digital temperature controlled with backlit large LED display showing multiple parameters i.e., temperature, shaking speed and time
4 Interior Illumination LED. In built lock and key system.
5 Temperature Range +5°C to +60°C with accuracy of ± 0.5°C
6 Temperature Control Microprocessor digital temperature controller and indicator with PT100 sensor. CFC free refrigeration.
7 Speed Microprocessor controlled orbital shaking Speed RPM: ≥ 200 (Maximum adjustable). Shaking needs to stop when door is open and automatic restart of preset speed after power failure. Shaking amplitude: ≤ 25 mm
8 Time adjustment 1 min – 99 hrs

Along with Calibration of temperature and speed

9 Features Height adjustable perforated stainless-steel shelve (02 no.) above shaking platform for stagnant incubation. Availability of proper outlet to drain.
10 Motor Type Brushless Motor, ISO certified OEM
11 Insulation Double walled (inner and outer) construction with PUF insulation between outer and inner wall. Insulated double walled door with glass view panel.



12 Outer and Inner Wall material Powder coated MS and Stainless steel 304
13 Safety Over-temperature and cut off; Audio visual indicator: Door open.
14 Shaking platform dimension 450 mm × 450 mm
15 No. of flask holding Clamps

·         100ml x 5

·         250ml x 4

·         500ml x 2

·         1000ml x 2

16 Power supply 230±10 V; 50 – 60 Hz single phase
17 Warranty 1-year Warranty after successful installation of product at Specified location