At The Laboratory Glassware Company, Customer and staff needs have always been our first priority.

Our Success is our Staff’s success.

Maintaining Long term relations with our customers has always been our objective, providing them with good quality products at all costs.


Our Duties Towards Our Customers:


We leave no stone unturned in providing our customers with the best quality products. Our duty towards our customers just does not end there. We always provide after-sales service to our customers and we are always there to solve their queries.


Providing on-time deliveries of products to our customers has always been one of our most important aspects.


We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company that is also accredited by NABL. Our products are manufactured as per all the required protocols and Quality Checks.


Our Duties Towards our Employees:

Without the sheer will to succeed and hard work of all our staff members, we wouldn’t have reached the heights we have today.  Their needs and queries have always been our biggest concern. We leave no stone unturned in solving their queries.


Feedback from our staff in regards to improvement has always been our key component. We are always welcome to innovative suggestions and ideas by our staff in regards to the Company’s growth.