10 Liter Glass Bottles


LABCO Branded 10 Liter Glass Bottles with following specifications:

  • Bottle Height x OD 425±10 mm x 210±10 mm
  • Bottle mouth 90±5 mm (OD) x 55±1 mm (ID). Rim thickness 9±1 mm
  • Overall weight of each bottle 3.2kg
  • Glass Thickness 5mm
  • Colour Transparent/ Colourless
  • Volume capacity 10 litres
  • Graduated and tooled neck for easily holding the bottle
  • Mechanically strong and Chemical Resistant Bottle
  • Bottle is autoclavable (high pressure high vacuum) and resistant to -10°C to +250°C (Dry and Moist Heat)
  • MOC High quality Borosilicate glass (Boro 3.3 Glass) which is inert, non-leaching and non-toxic
  • Highly suitable for storage of biological products
  • Bottles have a durable matt-finished enameled area for marking
  • Sample Bottle can be provided on demand